Swiftsure Energy Storage

Swiftsure is a grid-connected battery energy storage system under development in Staten Island, New York. Capable of storing up to 650-megawatts (MW) of power, Swiftsure will safely deliver clean, reliable energy to Staten Islanders.

Swiftsure’s Role in Meeting NY’s Climate Goals

As New York transitions from a fossil fuel-powered energy grid to one driven by clean energy, the state will need new sources of power to replace those coming offline. NYISO estimates that New York City faces a nine-hour 446-MW shortage on peak demand days by 2025.

The proposed Swiftsure BESS will provide up to 650 MW of clean power that meets New Yorkers’ energy needs without burning fossil fuels. Hecate Grid’s batteries charge from the grid when power demand is low and discharge energy back onto the grid when demand is high, helping to balance and stabilize the grid, keeping the lights on and AC running during extreme events.

So when energy demand spikes during heat waves, Swiftsure will step in to provide a solution that meets consumers needs and aligns with New York’s emission-reduction goals.

Forgotten No More: Swiftsure’s Impact on Staten Island

  • Reliable Power for Staten Island: Swiftsure will be capable of storing enough energy to power 500,000 homes - more than the total number of residences on Staten Island. Our project will make sure that New York’s transition to a clean energy future doesn’t leave Staten Islanders behind, and provide the peak energy supply the borough needs to keep the lights on and the ACs running during heat waves.

  • Good, Local Jobs: Hecate Grid is committed to using union labor to build the Swiftsure facility, which will generate approximately 100 good-paying construction jobs.

  • A Quiet, Clean, Safe Neighbor: Swiftsure is replacing a vacant lot currently used for parking and storage with a secure facility with minimal foot and vehicle traffic. The site will contribute to improved local air quality by replacing power normally generated by fossil fuel plants, and will use cutting edge, FDNY-approved fire safety technology.

Swiftsure: A Safe, Reliable Neighbor for Staten Islanders

Hecate Grid understands concerns about BESS technology driven by recent reporting around fire incidents at other sites in New York. We have operated BESS projects since 2019 without a single fire or safety incident, and are proactively meeting with elected officials, local residents, civic and business associations, and other stakeholders to hear and address their concerns.

  • From day one, we will work closely with the FDNY to develop an approved Emergency Response Plan, and build a site that prioritizes safety from the outset and features state-of-the-art technology allowing us to monitor the site down to the individual battery cell to make sure it is operating within tested operating parameters 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Swiftsure will include: .

    • Remote monitoring and automatic shutdowns in the event of emergencies
    • Photoelectric smoke and thermal detectors in each battery unit
    • Temperature sensors that will shut down the system if a condition out of the normal range is reached
    • Fire suppression systems for each battery unit
  • The site will also have full-time staff in addition to staff operating and monitoring the system 24/7 to make sure the facility is not only operating safely, but continues to help support the daily power needs of Staten Islanders and all New Yorkers.

Project Overview

  • Hecate Grid is proposing to construct the Swiftsure Project, a new, up to 650 MW, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on Staten Island.

  • The Project will work with the FDNY and DOB on a site specific design that meets the highest standards for safety and security and will be built with equipment that has been pre-approved by FDNY.

  • The project will be located on approximately 8 acres of land on the north side of Victory Boulevard, south of the intersection with Travis Avenue in the Travis-Chelsea neighborhood within Community District 2.

  • Swiftsure will be sited within an M1-1 zoning district, with no zoning actions required to facilitate its construction.

  • The site is within a mile of ConEd’s Fresh Kills Substation. It will include an underground generation tie line approximately 4,800 feet long that connects to the substation.

  • We currently anticipate that construction on the $300 million project will begin in Winter 2025, and anticipate start of operations in Winter 2027.

About Hecate Grid

Hecate Grid is a top-10 North American developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale energy storage projects. Our team’s deep experience in energy and our proven track record is why we’re among the fastest growing energy storage developers in the U.S.

Hecate Grid’s current U.S. energy storage pipeline exceeds 6 gigawatts (GW), while Hecate Grid and its affiliates have an overall active development pipeline of over 40 GW of energy storage or renewable energy projects.

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